Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spatial Perception!

There are games that are fun and beautiful! I really like the abstract design of this game called Coign of Vantage, coupled with the fact that the objective is assembling little pixel art icons which I love. There's even a little Cthulhu!

 By moving the mouse you rotate the configuration of different blocks in a 3d space that becomes a 2d drawing when viewed from a certain angle!

Try to beat my 323,940 highscore!

Link: http://www.bobblebrook.com/games/coign-of-vantage

Be sure to play it!


  1. look forward to seeing if someone can beat that score.

  2. 85k first try, I will be visiting it again. I think I can beat that score.

    FOLLOWED! Love the blog!

  3. Nice game, but i remember having that principle seen in another game ... you had to line up stars there.

  4. I really like abstract art and games so this suits me good find.

  5. This looks really cool. I'll check it out.