Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HoloToy lets you play with 'holograms' in your Iphone and Ipad.

The HoloToy app is only a toy, but it sure looks awesome on the Ipad screen, the best way to describe what this app is about comes from the developer's website:
HoloToy is an interactive hologram unlike anything seen on the AppStore before. Using anamorphosis perspective projection and the accelerometer HoloToy produces realtime images that emulate reality based on a constant viewing angle. In english, these are interactive 3D scenes that appear to live both within and outside of your iPhone or iPod touch!
There are 8 different holograms included with the app and the developer is adding more with every update, the ones that I liked the most were the interactive aquarium, the miniature robot, and the bouncing ball; but the good news is that you can also make your own using pictures from your device!


  1. wow this is pretty awesome

  2. im gunna go check this out right now thanks

  3. Reminds me of the feature on the 3DS where you can project holograms on a surface.