Sunday, May 29, 2011

Portal + Tetris sucks!

Portal Tetris isn't exactly a game, it is an example of how useless a game that merges Portal and Tetris gameplay could be. I actually found it pretty funny for the first 10 seconds. This is what the developer has to say about it:
"When I thought of the idea of Portal Tetris, I felt that a still image or a box cover just wouldn’t do it justice. Then, I considered making it an animated GIF, but still didn’t feel that was enough. So, in the end I decided that an interactive flash piece would be the most effective option."

Link to Portal Tetris.


  1. Ok I played it, what the point of this

  2. @Bunny Hill: There's no point, it's only a joke.

  3. haha :D would be a hillarious game