Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real life Super Mario Bros video.

What would happen if you could suddenly enter a SMB simulation while taking a walk in the park? This isn't the greatest video of all time, but I think it looks cool! I hope you enjoy it!

But seriously, what's up with gun?

Apparently the guy (or guys?) that made the video likes to make short action scenes from videogames like Call of Duty, that of course involve weapons. Either way, be sure to watch his other videos; they're mostly about special effects.


  1. not bad not bad.the 3D models were impressive for a video like this.

  2. Pretty okay, but the effects could be better. freddiew does good stuff.

  3. Yeah the gun at the end kind of made me sad, since that is what video games have come to now.

  4. lol, that was great, and very well done. Gotta consider the budget and available resources guys!