Sunday, May 8, 2011

Game of the day! Music Catch 2

The game of the day is called Music Catch 2, the instructions are very simple, using your mouse you have to catch all the good shapes (which are musical notes) while avoiding the bad ones, the blue and green shapes are your score, the yellow ones are score multiplier and the purple ones are power-ups, the bad shapes are the red ones and diminish your score-multiplier.

Music Catch 2 is a very relaxing game, the shapes flow with the rhythm of the music and the gameplay let's you enjoy the melody in an interactive way. After playing for the first time you can add any mp3 you want for the music as you long as you have its URL. I hope you like it!

Link to the game:


  1. The game has no sound ;_; its pretty fun though

  2. Wow, I have never been so chilled playing a game. I'm usually tense trying to win but this has a flow about it.