Monday, May 16, 2011

Ties for geeks!

Awesome Duck Hunt Tie.
This website sells awesome geeky ties, among them a Duck Hunt Tie, a Tetris Tie, a Pong Tie and a Motherboard Tie but they also have a huge selection of normal ties too (more pictures inside the post). I seriously think the world needs more stuff like this. Would you wear one to a special occasion or to the office? I definitely would, but I am a complete video game geek.

Nice blocks!

Just beautiful =P

And finally the Pong Tie!


  1. hehe those ties are really for geeks!

  2. ROFL! Cool stuff but to be honest I can't ever ever see myself wearing one of these lol. :)

  3. ahah nice ties, maybe I'll get one!

  4. I love these! Too bad I don't wear ties!

  5. i would never every wear these, lol