Saturday, May 7, 2011


Continuity is a game that's half-platformer half-puzzle. You control a little guy with the arrow keys and your goal is finding a door and the key to that door in each level, but the levels are made of sliding tiles that you have to arrange in different ways to be able to get the key. You switch between platformer and tile-sliding mode with spacebar!

Continuity was created by Elias Holmlid, Dmitry Kurteanu, Guy Lima Jr and Stefan Mikaelsson all of them students of Chalmers university of technology in Sweden.

They're releasing an Ipad, Iphone and Ipod touch version of the game, you can visit the site here!

I hope you like it!

Link to the game:


  1. I love these little time wasters you give me each day. My boss, however, does not.

  2. fun game, i got stumped on level 7

  3. Very nice game!! really enjoyed it. Thank you!

  4. It excites me when people make amazing games like this and don't have to depend on graphics to be enjoyable.

  5. I'm skeptical of all games on Ipad, mostly because you pay for them. But this looks neat. I'd consider it if it was COLORFUL!